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If you wish to send multiple people the same gift item, please contact us directly! Just a short note or message and we will get back to you for the details. We regret that this program doesn't allow that function. It does, however, give us an opportunity to serve your needs on a more personal level. Our program charges shipping on one set of items at a time. It can't recognize that several items may actually be able to ship in one box. Therefore, it charges shipping for each item individually. If the shipping seems way off on multiple pieces, please send a message. We're happy to give you an accurate quote.

Stop by and sample some of our Made in Maine Specialty Foods. 

Strolling the Shore Path at low tide, you glance down and see a piece of sea glass. You pick it up and put it in your pocket, the perfect souvenir from your vacation in Bar Harbor. Enjoy that memory every time you use this stemware. It’s called Sea Glass and is hand painted in Maine exclusively for Indigo Blues.